• 20ft expandable container house
    Ready Made 20ft 40ft Foldable Expandable Container House
    Expandable container houses can also expand the space by adding additional structures on the top and sides. For example, a roof structure can be added on top, providing higher ceilings and greater interior space. At the same time, large windows or doors can be installed on the sides to increase natural lighting and ventilation.This type of house is suitable for a variety of uses, including residences, offices, commercial spaces, exhibition halls, etc. They can be customized according to specific needs, meeting different spatial requirements and functional needs.It should be noted that structural stability, waterproof performance, ventilation system and other factors need to be considered during the design and construction of expandable container houses. In addition, compliance and safety are also very important, requiring compliance with relevant building codes and standards.In a word, the expandable container house is an innovative construction solution that can provide more spacious space and versatility, and is suitable for various temporary or permanent construction needs.
  • luxury expandable container house
    Portable 20ft 40ft Expandable Ready Made Container House
    he design of the expandable container house is flexible and changeable. It can be assembled according to different needs, and the number of floors and rooms can also be increased. At the same time, the expandable container house can also be adjusted according to the topography to make it more adaptable to different places and environments.The building materials used in the expandable container house are all environmentally friendly materials, which meet the national building energy-saving standards, and have functions such as sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, and fire prevention. In terms of decoration design, various materials and decoration styles can be flexibly used to make it both practical and beautiful.In general, the expandable container house is a practical, economical and environmentally friendly housing form that can meet the housing needs of different groups of people.

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