The Guizu Group Has Once Again Been Affirmed By The Industry With Its Focus And Heart!

Apr 07, 2021

In 2021, the China Association for Quality Inspection will once again award four CAQI enterprise certifications to the countries of the Aiqai family! And after the comprehensive and in-depth inspection and inspection of the China Small and Medium Commercial Enterprises Association from the aspects of enterprise management level, social reputation, development strategy, brand building, etc., it was once again awarded the "Enterprise Credit Rating" certificate. Quality and integrity are the foundation of an enterprise. This is the recognition and support of the brand quality of the cabinet family by authoritative organizations and all walks of life, and it is also the strength of the high-quality quality of the Guizu Group over the years.


Enterprise credit rating is of great significance to market-oriented operating enterprises.
First, it is conducive to shaping the corporate credit image, reducing transaction costs, enhancing competitiveness, and creating a good competitive environment, which is an effective way to establish corporate image;
Second, the credit status of an enterprise is an important factor to measure the ability of the enterprise to perform contracts and the reputation of bidding, and the credit rating can provide the most powerful proof for the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise;
The third is to strengthen the necessary means of enterprise management and risk prevention. Through objective evaluation, enterprises can discover their own deficiencies and hidden dangers, effectively improve management and strengthen risk prevention.


The only national quality professional organization in the field of product quality supervision and inspection under the supervision of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China "China Quality Inspection Association" is a national first-level professional organization composed of national quality inspection institutions, quality inspection workers and national quality supervision workers association. The requirements for the selection of corporate brand image and product quality are extremely strict, and selected companies must have no unqualified records in all levels of quality inspections in the past five years.

The quality word-of-mouth condensed by the Guizu Group with concentration and heart has once again been affirmed by consumers and the industry. China Association for Quality Inspection, after strict examination and screening by many parties, the AishangGuizu was unanimously recognized. Being able to win these four honors at the same time not only marks the "Guizu Group" has a strict quality inspection system and stable product quality, but also marks the leading brand status of "Guizu Group" in the field of integrated housing and in the minds of consumers.

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