UNI-House 丨 How to use containers to help Libia local people solve the local flood disasters

Sep 20, 2023

Libya was killed by more than 11,000 people in the devastating floods. After the lack of 30 million cubic meters of water in the northeast of the country, Libya was facing a humanitarian crisis after the lack of 30 million cubic meters of water disappeared. The flood is caused by a rare Mediterranean storm, and it has also destroyed thousands of houses and infrastructure, making more than 30,000 people homeless. Survivors are urgently needed to serve the shelter, food, water and medical equipment services. Other towns have also been affected.

One of the possible solutions for providing temporary housing for flood victims is container houses. The container house is a prefabricated and modular unit made of steel containers, which can be easily transported and installed on any flat ground. They have many advantages than traditional buildings, such as:


• They are easy to set. The container house can be folded into a compact size and installed on a truck or a boat. They can be launched on the spot within a few hours without any basic or special equipment.


• They are flexible and universal. Container houses can be used for various purposes, such as housing, business, industry, education, medical care, etc. They can also be connected to other units to form a larger complex.


• They are durable and comfortable. Container houses are made of high -quality steel and insulation materials, which can withstand bad weather conditions and provide a safe and comfortable environment. They have all necessary facilities and equipment, such as electricity, water, ventilation, hygiene, bed, desk, chair, cabinet, etc.


• They can afford it and can be customized. Compared with other conventional buildings, the price of container houses is competitive. They can also customize according to the user's specific needs and preferences (such as color, design, layout, size, etc.).

A strong earthquake occurred in the south of Turkey near the Syrian border area, causing major casualties in the two countries. The container houses used during the World Cup were reused and were transported to the earthquake area for the victims to avoid refuge.

The reconstructed container room can accommodate 4 people, equipped with independent bathrooms and kitchens for easy use! What is the benefit of the container house in earthquake relief

1. Safe and stable, strong earthquake resistance

During the earthquake, many people do not have the place of residence, and the container room belongs to the frame steel structure. It has a good seismic performance. The container room can be used as a hedging place to reduce secondary damage.

2. Can be put into use quickly

The container's house, ground, and circuit system is fully prefabricated, shortening the transportation, installation, and construction time. After the earthquake, the problem of resettlement of the affected people is very urgent. The use of container rooms can realize quickly. Among them, the folding container room is the fastest transportation speed and installation speed, which is very suitable for the use of shake areas! After the container room is used, it can be recycled, which will not produce construction waste, causing waste of resources.

3. High residence comfort

Before there was no container room, it was often used to avoid danger when encountering natural disasters. Compared with the container room, the safety and comfort were much worse. The container room can be equipped with bathrooms, bathrooms, etc. There is no difference between water and electricity and living at home after water and electricity, clean and tidy, high comfort

In summary, container houses have played an important role in earthquake relief and given people in the earthquake area a safe asylum! I hope that everyone in the Zhen District is all safe


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