What are the characteristics of the container house with other temporary buildings?

Jan 17, 2023

Most of the current temporary buildings use color steel houses and prefabricated houses. However, with the development of society and the improvement of technology, more and more container houses are used in construction sites. in life. What are the characteristics of the container houses with other temporary buildings?

When the container house is used, it can be assembled into the desired container house by itself. A container is a unit. After the prefab is assembled, the prefab is very firm and can bear a relatively large weight. Put two or three containers on it. , there is no problem at all in the environment where the wind reaches ten levels. However, the general movable room uses some accessories to splicing the sandwich panel and the steel skeleton, and customizes the desired movable room according to the actual requirements. A very big feature of the container prefabricated houses is that it is very easy to transport,

In addition, the container house also has a good thermal insulation effect, and is firm, and the sound insulation effect is also relatively good. This kind of container houses will definitely be used in more fields in the future development.

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