Respect the teacher, and win the future! ——The Guizu's 2021 "Six-Star Mentality" training kicks off

Mar 28, 2021

On March 31, 2021, 168 participants from 82 companies of the Guizu gathered in Guangzhou to officially open the "Six-Star Mentality" training course taught by the teacher Wang Weizheng of the cabinet group's special invitation teacher.

With the purpose of "practicing human-oriented management and achieving extraordinary enterprises" and the mission of "cultivating educational entrepreneurs and building educational organizations", Shidao reshape the humanistic spirit of enterprises. Han Yu has a famous sentence in "Shi Shuo": "Teachers, so they preach and receive karma to solve doubts." This time, the guizu is using Shidao's "Six-Star Mentality" to improve the spiritual quality and attitude of the core team, and through the sublimation of "let life bloom", life will gain more opportunities and excitement!

The event lasted for 3 days. At the beginning of the training, the teaching team led by Luo Yi, the chairman of the Guizu Group, and Luo Jun, the executive president, brought you a wonderful opening dance --- the dance of giving, which highlights the greatness of the Guizu Group. The cultural characteristics of love, devotion, and caring for others show the full of passion and vitality of the large cabinet family.

Then Mr. Luo made an opening speech, sharing his precious mental journey with everyone. I am grateful to my family for teaching him, and I am grateful to every brother and sister who supported him and helped him along the way. From it, we deeply felt the great love of gratitude, and conveyed that only with love in our hearts can we gain more love. In the course of entrepreneurship, with dreams in mind, only by going unswervingly can we realize or even surpass our original dreams.


Next, the training course officially started. Instructor Wang Weizheng started a lecture course that is different from the traditional one. He divided all the students into the work of little angels, instructors, group general managers, and team members. Situational teaching, entertaining, first of all, through changing money The game triggered everyone's reflection on the inherent way of thinking, and derived conclusions from the performance of on-site students such as doubt, asking first, giving, and herd mentality. Many things are not about ability, but about attitude: effectiveness = ability + attitude, and attitude depends on subjective will. Attitude can determine everything! The establishment of mentality system can escort the development of enterprises.


The conference will tell stories and play games throughout the day to find the essence through appearances, and then apply the inspiration to daily life and work. Instructors use small games to invite partners to experience for themselves, so that everyone can see their own shortcomings, extend the scene to the phenomenon at work, and trigger thinking and heartfelt changes. The whole process was joyful, moving, thoughtful, and awe-inspiring, and gradually opened up their hearts through personal experience. Coupled with the summary in pockets after class, the ice-breaking effect of students opening their hearts and integrating into the "family" atmosphere of the group was realized.


In the next two days, the wonderful content that the instructor will show the students themselves and enlighten their wisdom will be carried out more in-depth. At the end of the first day, it was already 11 o'clock in the evening. Although the hands and brains were very tiring all day, everyone was still full of enthusiasm and unsatisfied. They were full of expectations and confidence for the following content!



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