"Welded Container House for Temporary Construction" Industry Standard Launch Meeting

Jul 07, 2022

In order to make up for the current chaotic situation in the current temporary construction welded container house market without standards to follow, to regulate the production of similar products by manufacturers, so that the safety and quality of products can be guaranteed, the editor-in-chief China Construction Metal Structure Association and the editor-in-chief Guangdong Ai Under the arrangement of Aishangguizu Modular House Co., Ltd., at 9:00 am on December 30, the industry standard launch meeting of "Welded Container House for Temporary Construction" was held by video conference. This standard is applicable to industrial buildings with three floors or less. With the unit module of welded container house for civil temporary construction, the participants are:

At the meeting, it was announced that the preparation team of "Welded Container Houses for Temporary Construction" was formally established. Many members of the preparation team are the chief editors or main editors of current relevant national standards, industry standards or local standards, as well as technical backbones of container house construction companies. Not only understand the production and installation technology of container houses, but also have many scientific research achievements and construction experience of container houses, and have accumulated sufficient engineering data for the preparation of this standard.

First, Zha Xiaoxiong, a professor and Ph.D. supervisor of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), introduced the work outline, division of labor and schedule of standard preparation, and then the members of the preparation team discussed the main technical issues of standard preparation:

1. The side-resistance performance of the overall structure of the welded container house products for temporary construction adapts to the disaster-resistance and disaster-prevention capabilities under new conditions, such as earthquake resistance, wind resistance, impact resistance, etc., and improves the application range and safety of the product.
2. Environmental protection and energy-saving performance, research on flame-retardant foam cotton, fire-resistant glass wool, rock wool and other aspects.
3. Focus on analyzing the various conditions of the product during packaging and transportation, such as the power of the container house during transportation, to ensure the use requirements of more aspects of the product.
4. The application and promotion of new materials, such as new roofs, should be researched and promoted.

Only by starting from the perspectives of safety, quality and environmental protection, and standardizing the standardization of welded container houses for temporary construction, can the market for welded container houses for temporary construction form a good atmosphere, play a positive role in the healthy promotion and application of products, and promote integrated houses. Upgrade to more reasonable, economical, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, and contribute to the creation of a conservation-minded society!

Although the meeting is over, the joint discussion is still going on. The members of the preparation team work together to formulate the standards for welded container houses for temporary construction, and move forward with the goal of high-quality completion!

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