The participated in the 2021 China (Guangzhou) International Integrated Housing Expo, and the products closely linked to the national rural revitalization strategy were widely popular

May 08, 2021

From May 10th to 12th, 2021, the 13th China (Guangzhou) International Integrated Housing Industry Expo and Construction Industrialization Products and Equipment Exhibition (abbreviation: Guangzhou Residential Expo) will be held in Area B of the China Import and Export Fair Complex. potential development.


This Expo is a carnival for the construction industry. Nearly 400 well-known Chinese and foreign construction companies, national-level prefabricated construction industry bases, the first batch of prefabricated construction industry bases in Guangdong, and representative architectural design engineering companies showcase advanced technologies and products, involving Demonstration projects such as real estate development, survey and design, construction supervision, tourist attractions, shared farms, camp construction, characteristic towns, B&B hotels, commercial complexes, pastoral complexes, garden landscapes, and new rural construction. The five halls are linked together, with an exhibition area of more than 50,000 square meters during the same period, and professional visitors exceeded 80,000, including more than 6,000 overseas visitors.


Guizu Exhibits


The Guizu Group is also a participant in this industry event. In line with the "beautiful countryside" and "consumption poverty alleviation" plans advocated by the government, the Cabinet Group has launched a variety of creative box houses and country house box houses.


The appearance is simple and elegant, the exterior wall of imitation red brick and the interior of solid wood, the combination of lighting and natural light supports a unique style of simplicity and light luxury.


From the appearance to the interior design, we adopt the concept of MAX space utilization, make full use of the original floor height of the box room, set up open attics and hidden attics, and use intelligent electric stairs to greatly improve the utilization rate of the box room and increase activities area


Whether the appearance of the box house is the design style of imitation red brick or the modern style of floor-to-ceiling glass, it is very suitable for the existing rural areas and tourist attractions in our country.


Another advantage of the custom container house is that it is easy to move, because all of our custom container house can be moved, which can save customers from the waste caused by relocation. As long as the daily maintenance is proper, the service life of the container house will be improved, effectively reducing the cost of customers investment and operating costs.


The development potential of the new countryside is unlimited. In the past, the construction method of digging foundations and filling fish ponds was not only costly but also took a long construction period. This time we also specially launched a small western-style box house for the new countryside. The first floor of our small western-style building is the living room and kitchen. The toilet, living room and dining room form a rectangular structure, which is simple and practical, and can "satisfy the import and export problems in one stop" to avoid the pain of running around; the second floor is the bedroom and terrace. The star-gazing window, if the client is tired physically and mentally, as long as you lie on the pillow at night, you can look at the starry sky, embrace the stars and fall asleep, and release your fatigue and troubles together. In your free time, you can interact and have fun with children and parents on the terrace, or you can gather with good friends to make tea, chat and drink with friends, or enjoy it alone. The fresh air, limbs and bones are indescribably relaxing.


In terms of product expression, all exhibits are modern and simple in design, with square shapes and calm tones, low-key yet classy. What's more outstanding is that the appearance of the exhibits completely breaks through the style elements of containers. Through the matching of interior and exterior decorative materials, the products change the industrial and rough image of containers into fashionable and exquisite modern buildings. The interior decoration uses intelligent lighting, curtains and other facilities, which is very in line with modern people's pursuit of smart homes and building environmental protection.


The above-mentioned exhibits have received strong interest from the vast number of visitors, some of whom are discussing future cooperation plans, and some of them are interested in the exhibits and make deals on the spot. After the exhibition, the exhibits sold on site will be sent directly to the place designated by the buyer. In the future, the Guizu will further meet the needs of users in product research and development, and bring more economical, practical, environmentally friendly and convenient prefabricated houses to us. Customer satisfaction and recognition is the best reward for us.


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