The superior performance of steel structure buildings

May 30, 2023

Steel structure buildings refer to buildings that use steel as the main load-bearing structural components. Compared with traditional concrete structures, steel structure buildings have superior performance in terms of earthquake resistance, wind resistance, durability, etc., and also have the advantages of saving building materials and construction time, and can be used in various forms of buildings, such as commercial, Sports, transportation, warehousing, housing and other fields are medium.

In steel structure buildings, steel frame structures are usually used as the main structural form, that is, frame structures composed of steel rods and nodes. The advantages of steel frame structure are light weight, good rigidity and strong adaptability, so it is widely used.

The design and construction of steel structure buildings are generally more complicated, and factors such as the size, connection method, and bearing capacity of the components need to be considered, and they have high technical requirements. In addition, special treatment such as anticorrosion and fire prevention of steel structure buildings is also an important issue.

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