Earthquake Temporary Container Refugee Housing

Jun 27, 2023

Earthquake temporary container refugee housing is a special form of container temporary refugee housing, which is specially used for temporary housing needs in emergency situations such as earthquakes.

Compared with ordinary container refugee houses, earthquake temporary container refugee houses have been enhanced in terms of building structure, earthquake resistance, and safety. Generally speaking, this type of refugee housing is usually composed of dozens of standard containers, and each container is fixed and reinforced by steel connectors to improve the earthquake resistance of the entire building. At the same time, this type of refugee housing usually has better ventilation, waterproof, heat preservation and other features to solve the various difficulties faced by refugees exposed to the outdoors after the earthquake disaster.

Earthquake temporary container refugee houses can be assembled and built quickly after the earthquake to meet the emergency housing needs of the affected people. At the same time, during the entire process of rescue, restoration and reconstruction, the earthquake temporary container refugee house also effectively reduced the pressure of post-disaster reconstruction and improved the reconstruction efficiency of the disaster area.

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